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2.19sYou did this to me!
1.55sI... apologize.
3.49sNo one will notice if you wear a pink shirt to work.
2.13sWait a minute.
1.7sGo back.
1.57sZoom in.
2.2sWhy is that man in pink?!
2.62sThat's Homer Simpson-- a boob from Sector 7-G.
5.07sjudging by his outlandish attire he's some sort of freethinking anarchist.
1.58sI'll call security, sir.
3.44sYes, these color monitors have already paid for themselves.
2.9sPink! I don't get his statement.
1.69sShh, shh, shh. Coming.
2.62sHey, Homer we saved you a doughnut.
1.94sIt has pink frosting.
0.87sIt looks...
1.4sHey, wait a minute!
5.29sjust because I'm wearing pink doesn't mean I'm some kind of pink doughnut-eater...
1.67salthough it is tempting.