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3.02sOh, this is the best present I ever got!
1.77sThank you, Bart. Thank you, Michael.
1.73sMy work is done here.
1.84sWhat happened to your voice?
1.65sThis is my real voice.
1.47sI'm Leon Compowski.
2.22sI'm a bricklayer from New jersey.
5.05sAll my life I was angry, until one day I talked like this.
3.94sAll of a sudden everybody was smiling at me.
1.87sSo, I kept on doing it.
3.5sTo make a tired point, which one of us is truly crazy?
2.05sNot me. I got this.
1.68sBye-bye, Leon.
2.39sYou're a credit to dementia.
3.12sLisa, it's your birthday
1.92sGod bless you this day
2.27syou gave me the gift of do-do-do, do-do-do
3.94sand I'm proud of you today...