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1.23sjust leave me alone.
4.17sEither Michael jackson is working in a recording studio in L.A.,
3.15sor he's here with you willing to work on this song.
1.58sIt's your choice.
1.47sSo long.
1.38sWait, wait, Michael!
3.45sGo sit at the piano and I'll boil some coffee.
2.95sLisa, her teeth are big and green
9.81sLisa, she smells like gasoline Lisa, da-da-da Disa she is my sist-a her birthday, I missed-a.
1.23sUh, no.
4.75sBart, we've got to get to your real feelings about your sister.
1.27sI don't have any.
1.43sLet's go look at her.
1.73sMaybe that will help.
2.47sOh, she looks sad.
2.97sThat's 'cause she knows you're looking at her.
4.1sAlthough I know you're looking at me, I would look exactly the same, even if you weren't.
1.93sBart, think.
3.85sWhat happens to you when you turn eight?