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2.07sYou owe us Michael jackson.
3.92sDon't ever show your face around here again, you tool.
6.64sBart, the entire town is howling for your blood and before I join them, I have one question.
1.82sToday is my birthday.
3.29sYou promised you'd get me something and...
2.15sand I'm afraid to ask.
3.1sMaybe you should trust that instinct and not ask.
1.73sI thought so.
2.13sOh, Bart, you...
1.83sCome off!
1.52sI'm sane now.
1.83sDear Bart,
8.64sI am using the stationery Mom and Dad gave me for my birthday to inform you that we are now brother and sister in name only.
9.54sPerhaps, if a professional so advises I will give you a hug at some far distant family reunion but rest assured, it will be purely for show.