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0.48sBart's gay?
3.37sBart? Uh-- Whoo! Wrong file.
2.57sUh, the point I'm trying to make here is...
3.04sthat Bart must learn to be less of an individual...
2.75sand more a faceless slug.
3.87sHmm. Lisa, how old are you?
2.19sI am three and three eighths.
5.47sHmm. Lisa, if I have five apples, and I take away three apples,
2.14show many apples do I have left?
2.22sTwo apples. Wait a minute.
1.67sShe's right.
1.1sYes. Very good.
3.97sMarge, Homer, I believe your Lisa may be gifted.
3.59sThat's wonderful. But still, can't you do anything for Bart?
4.34sMarge, he's five. His life is over. Lisa's the wave of the future.
0.42sWave of the future!
2.92sThat's right, honey.
3.3sIf you nurture her gift now, there's no telling what she can do.