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2.39sI have absolutely no idea what's going on.
3.4sHomer, I want you to look at this drawing Bart did.
2.54sOh, it's beautiful!
4.04sOh! Oh, let's put Bart's beautiful drawing up on the fridge.
2.99sHomer, stop. Would you please look at the drawing?
1.92sOh, all right. What a--
2.45sBurn it! Send it to hell!
0.58sI think we're going to have to get Bart some help.
3.45sGet it away.
3.27s- Bart, Son? You want to play catch? - No.
4.47sWhen a boy doesn't want to play catch with his old man, something is seriously wrong.
1.93sI'll play catch with you, Son.
2.09s- Get the hell out. - I'm gone.
1.27sMrs. Simpson,
2.45sphysically your son is as sound as a dollar.
2.1sI'm afraid Bart's severe emotional dysfunction...