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3.64sHomer, I can't get the baby to burp. Could you try for a while?
2.62sNo problem. I'll just give her a sip of beer.
4.35sCome on, Maggie, it's Miller time. Yes, it's Miller time.
3.2sOh, my father gave me beer as a child...
2.9still I wrapped my little red wagon around a tree.
2.4sLet's never drink again.
3.19sAnd we never did.
2.8sMom, can you tell me the story of how I got my saxophone...
2.24sand not have it turn into a story about Bart?
1.9sOh, sure, honey.
4.12s- Bart had just completed his first day at school, and Bart-- - Mom!
4.14sHey, she's just giving the public what it wants-- Bart by the barrelful.
2.74sSorry, Lisa. It's just how the story goes.
4sNo matter what Bart tried, he just couldn't fit in at school.