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3.54scoming out of my eight-track
4.8sMichael JaCkson still was black
5.94sthose were the days
2.69sThe Simpsons is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
2.12sHey there, meathead. What are you watchin'?
2.1sOh, I thought I'd check out the Warner Brothers Network.
9.88sWe're proud to present on the W.B. Another bad show that no one Will see I need a drink.
2.1sIt's the TV movie of the year--
4.84sThe Krusty the Klown Story: Booze, Drugs, Guns, Lies,
2.37sBlackmail and Laughter.
2.7sStarring Fyvush Finkel as Krusty the Clown.
4.99si went through a five-year orgy of nonstop pills and booze,