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2.34sTake that, Dick-- Ned, stop it at once!
2.2sStop it!
2.74sI can't believe I was such a terror.
4.04sWell, neither could your parents. That's why they brought you to me.
3.47sWell, I'm afraid young Ned is unusually aggressive,
0.5sbut I can't seem to find a cause for it.
2.6sHey! Hey! Get down from that bookshelf, please!
2.23sMost of those books haven't been discredited yet.
2.27sWould you please tell your son to stop?
1.45sWe can't do it, man!
3.49sThat's discipline. That's like telling Gene Krupa not to go--
3.1sLack of discipline. I'm beginning to see the problem.
1.88sWe don't believe in rules.
4.8sLike, we gave them up when we started living like freaky beatniks.