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2.72sYes, but the records only go back to 1978,
3.44swhen the hall of records was mysteriously blown away.
4.14sWhat is it, boy? Fire? Earthquake? Hippies?
4.32sHurricane! Somehow the animals are always the first to know.
3.12sAnd the weather service has warned us to brace ourselves for the onslaught...
1.97sof Hurricane Barbara.
3.77sAnd if you think naming a destructive storm after a woman is sexist,
4.3syou obviously have never seen the gals grabbing for items at a clearance sale.
3.27sThat's true, but he shouldn't say it.
2.33sWe better pick up some supplies.
2.87sStand behind the flaming garbage cans.
3.85sWe'll be letting you into the store 70 people at a time.
3.19sLet's just beat him up and take his stuff!
1.82sNo, no, no! Do not listen to that man.
3.65sRemain calm. You will all have a chance to be gouged.
2.12sThank goodness!