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5.07sEven in my darkest hour, I can turn to the Good Book for--
3.89sSon of a gun-diddilly-un! Those gilded edges smart.
2.85sWhy me, Lord? Where have I gone wrong?
3.59sI've always been nice to people. I don't drink or dance or swear.
2.05sI've even kept kosher just to be on the safe side.
2.28sI've done everything the Bible says!
2.2sEven the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!
1.89sWhat more could I do?
2.57sI feel like I'm coming apart here.
1.9sI want to yell out, but I just can't...
3.54sdang-diddily-do-dang, do-dang-diddily-darn do it!
2.7sNed, Maude, you've got to go back to your house!
2.27sSomething incredible has happened!
2.2sOh, what happened now? Did the rubble burn down?
1.7sNo! Come on!