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1.9sYou're afraid to be human.
1.8sOh, now, why would I be afraid of that?
3.5sBecause humans are obnoxious sometimes, humans hate things.
3.35sWell, maybe a few of them do... back east.
2.9sI can't find what Homer's saying. Did you write that?
2.14sUm, did you like it?
2.7sCome on, Flanders. There's got to be something you hate.
1.87sWhat about mosquito bites?
2.14sMm-mmm. Sure are fun to scratch.
5.74sMmm, satisfying. What about, uh, fluorescent lights?
2.2sOoh, they hum like angels.
2.44sYou're never lonely if you got a fluorescent light.
2.22sSee? You like everything!
2.43sN-No, that's not true. I-i-i--
2.57sI don't like the service at the post office.
3.77sYou know, it's all rush, rush, get you in, get you out.