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4.14sMr Simpson? Dr. Foster. Please come with me.
2sYou folks are free to roam the grounds.
3sjust remember, one of our patients is a cannibal.
4.89sTry to guess which one. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
3.79sEveryone outside of this room is against me!
5.07sI can hear you walking by-- It stinks! It stinks! It stinks!
2.67sYes, Mr. Sherman. Everything stinks.
4.17sWe want to teach Ned to release his anger in healthy doses.
2.25sWe need someone so irritating...
4.17sthat Ned simply will not be able to repress his rage.
2.8sHomer, can you be that annoying?
2.52sI-- What?
2.05sGet in the booth.