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2.67sDevil a man who'll say a word against it, hmm?
1.83sIs that a yes or a no?
9.58sAye, it is McSwiggen Village, where the hills are green, the streams are clear and the sweaters are so thick, even the boniest-fingered nun could poke you in the chest and it wouldn't bother you none.
3.54sDon't be so bold with your dark hair and your proud ways.
1.5sI can't feel a thing.
1.23sHey, what are those guys doing?
2.23sThose are the McMurphy brothers.
2.7sThey've been circling that same spot for 50 years,
2.87sjust daring each other to throw the first punch.
2.07sJust you try it. Oh, I'll try it.
1.97sJust you try it. You'll feel it when I try it.
2.97s- I'd like to see you have at it. - Would you now?