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1.53sSound reasoning.
2.3sYou guys. It's Meg's birthday next week.
1.97sOh, my God. It is.
1.97sPeter, we got to put together a party.
2.17sOh, man, I hate kids' birthday parties.
3.97sThis is gonna be worse than that time I was stuck behind Robert Loggia at the airport.
0.4sMay I have your name please?
2.4sRobert Loggia.
1.43sCan you spell that for me?
5.07sCertainly. That's Robert Loggia. R as in Robert Loggia.
3.6sO as in "Oh, my God, it's Robert Loggia."
3.64sB as in "By God, that's Robert Loggia."
3.94sE as in "Everybody loves Robert Loggia."
3.14sR as in Robert Loggia.
3.4sT as in "Tim, look over there, it's Robert Loggia."
2.87sL as in "Look, it's Robert Loggia."
1.6s- Here you are, Brian. - What's this?
2.8sIt's an invitation to Meg's party. I'm the party planner.