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2.1sbut you do kind of drink a lot.
3.67sAnd you know, sometimes it affects the people you love.
2.04sOh, my God. Lois, you're right.
3.77sBooze made me fall down all those stairs. Booze killed my father.
4.77sWell, from this day forward, I, Peter Griffin, will never drink again.
2.1sPeter, what're you doing? Crack.
2.8sWhat the fuck? Hey, at least I'm not drinking, Brian.
3.47sYeah, this isn't exactly a good substitute. Where'd you get crack?
1.3s- From Black's. - What?
1.67sYeah, right behind Black's hardware store,
1.23sthere's a white guy selling it.
1.93sLook, doing crack is not the way to stop drinking.
4.04sYou need to get to the heart of why you feel the need to drink in the first place.
3.44sLook, here. This is the number of a hypnotherapist I want you to see.
1.7s- All right, Brian. - Good.