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1.03sHere you go, Meg.
2.43sI don't want them. Take them.
2.13sHey, are my long johns tied to the end of those?
1.7s- No. - Oh, God.
2.97sMom, can I just open my presents now? All right, Meg.
1.97s(PAPER RIPPING) Thank you. What the...
1.9sHey, let's see what else we got here.
3.44sThe first season of Sister, Sister on DVD.
1.43sBOY: You're welcome.
2.64sStewie, what are you doing? You can't open Meg's gifts.
3.44sHey. These are mine. You hear me? Mine.
3.7sOh, God. Not the "mine" phase. I've been dreading this day.
1.57sI'm entitled to these things, Lois,
3.87sespecially after I got shafted by that Asian Santa at the mall.
1.57sWhat do you want for Christmas?
2.8sUm, I was thinking maybe one of those old-timey...
2.37sToo late. Take too long. Sad Christmas.
1.2sWhat you want? Fire truck.
1.2sWhat color? Red.
0.83s(SCREAMING) Next.