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3.94sUh, Meg, I got 16 candles for your birthday cake.
2.54sHow does that sound? That's not right.
3.87sSo less, more,
3.2stoo many, not enough?
3.6sYou stupid son of a bitch, you didn't even know how old I am.
3.14sMeg, that kind of language is not appropriate for a girl your age.
2.13sOr is it?
2.24sI'm gonna be 17, you jerks.
1.63sShe's the jerk.
1.5sAll right, come on in, everybody.
1.17sHave a seat anywhere.
2.14sMeg's gonna open her presents in a little bit.
3.27sOh, Francis, I'm glad you could make it.
3.3sHere, this is for Megan. Oh, what is it?