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1.03sBrian. Ryan.
1.03s- Brian. - Mitchell.
1.3sWhat? Goodbye.
4.67sHey, Lois, I'm ordering a birthday cake and the guy wants to know how old Meg is. I didn't know what to tell him.
1.97sYou're asking me? Yeah, how old is Meg?
1.57sWell, I don't know.
2.47sWell, my God, Lois. I thought you were the one keeping track of that.
1.87sNo, no, I have no idea.
2.8sDon't you remember me faking my way through her last birthday?
3.74sYou are...going on...
7.61sFellows will fall in line Should we just ask her how old she is?
2.3sUh, that'd be kind of awkward, huh?
3.07sHey, maybe we should just cut off her leg and count the rings.
4.84sYeah, or maybe try carbon-dating. I don't know what that is.
5.64sYou know, we're gonna have to talk to her and kind of steer the conversation in a way that gets her to spill it.
2.2s(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Come in.
1.93sHi, sweetie. Hey, Meg.