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1.7sYou've got a telephone call. Who is it?
1.9sHe didn't say. Well, find out, would you?
1.43s- Who is this? - It's Brian.
1.63sIt's Brian. Oh, Brian.
2.94sProbably RSVPing about Megan's party. Hello, Brian.
1.5sHi, Stewie. What can I do for you?
1.53sI'm coming to Meg's party.
2.2sOh, splendid, just give your information to Mrs. Pennyapple.
1.6sHello, it's Mrs. Pennyapple again.
1.8sShall I put you down for two, Brendan?
1.03sBrian. Ryan.
1.03s- Brian. - Mitchell.
1.3sWhat? Goodbye.
4.67sHey, Lois, I'm ordering a birthday cake and the guy wants to know how old Meg is. I didn't know what to tell him.
1.97sYou're asking me? Yeah, how old is Meg?
1.57sWell, I don't know.
2.47sWell, my God, Lois. I thought you were the one keeping track of that.
1.87sNo, no, I have no idea.
2.8sDon't you remember me faking my way through her last birthday?