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2.64sYou have to RSVP. You could do it right now if you want.
1.43sAll right, fine. I'll come to Meg's party.
2.97sNo, you have to call the RSVP line.
2.34s- You got to be kidding me. - I'm waiting.
2.9s(SIGHING) Ring, ring.
1.57sAren't you gonna pick it up?
2.24sNo, I'm not gonna pick it up on the first few rings. I'm busy.
1.7sMaybe I'm in the other room.
6.31sRing, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring.
1.97s- Ring. Oh, come on. - Hello.
1.77s- Stewie? - No.
2.9sThis is Stewie's housekeeper, Mrs. Pennyapple. I'll see if he's in. Stewie.
1.93sStewie. Yes, Mrs. Pennyapple?
1.7sYou've got a telephone call. Who is it?
1.9sHe didn't say. Well, find out, would you?
1.43s- Who is this? - It's Brian.
1.63sIt's Brian. Oh, Brian.
2.94sProbably RSVPing about Megan's party. Hello, Brian.
1.5sHi, Stewie. What can I do for you?