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3.3sMarty, what should we watch next?
1.76sWhat about this?
1.87sBabylegs, you’re a good detective.
2.47sBut not good enough, because of your baby legs.
1.93sSo l’m partnering you up with Regularlegs.
1.43sHey, there.
4.77sDetective, l’m -- this is upsetting to me because i feel like i don't need no regular-leg partner.
1.7sBab ylegs, don't talk back to me.
1.43sGood luck, you two.
1.99sThere's a criminal to kill
1.97sWow, you sure found this guy quick,
1.93sUh, yeah, because l’m a good detective.
1.7sLook, Babylegs, it’s the criminal,
1.7sOh, fuck it. l’m the killer. l’m running,
1.02sl’m running real quick,
6.46sBabylegs, here we goi [ trifling f That's the sound i make when l’m trying to run fast.
3.53s[ trifling f All right, l’m not gonna get him.