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4.27sUm, my name is Mr. Tophat Jones,
1.8sand God forbid anyone ever take my sner--
1.7slittle-people snibbles.
1.43sl’m keeping them all for me.
1.97sMmm. Mmm.
1.97sLast bite. Mmm.
1.93sOh, now they're all resting comfortably in my stomach.
1.49sOoh, am i feeling good,
2.2sNoi Get away from me! Get away from me!
1.93sThere's no more strawberry snibbles -- no!
1.83sJesus Christ!
1.59sJesus Christ! lt hurts!
2.97sMy entrails are outi Why would you even want to eat these?
2.13sThey're soaked with my stomach acid,
2.2sOh, Jesus Christ, lord, savior,
1.76sand spirit, sa ve me.
1.63sTake me to the light.
1.66sOh, my god, i see demons.
1.49si see demons are coming!
1.66sGeez, Rick. Oh, my god,
1.3sThat's some pretty hard-core stuff,
1.93syou know, for a cereal commercial.