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1.26sWho needs it?
1.43sNot on my watch.
3.83sPaid for by Michael Denny and The Denny Singers.
2.03sHi l’m a trunkperson, and i want --
2.7si feel love in my heart, too, fast like you.
3.53si wanna be able to express that love with both a man and a woman.
3.8sAnd i Won't be able to if Denny and The Denny Singers get their way.
5.1sHey, let the trunkpeople have sex and get married, huh F Paid for by trunkpeople.
2.09sOh, llove me strawberry sniggles.
5.37sOoh, i hope nobody ever gets my hands on me and tries to steal my strawberry smiggles.
1.4sl’m gonna eat every last one of them,
1.93sbecause -- and then they'll be in my stomach,
1.99sand nobody Will ever be able to eat them.
2.43sExcept for me, because they'll be all inside my stomach.
4.27sUm, my name is Mr. Tophat Jones,
1.8sand God forbid anyone ever take my sner--
1.7slittle-people snibbles.
1.43sl’m keeping them all for me.
1.97sMmm. Mmm.
1.97sLast bite. Mmm.
1.93sOh, now they're all resting comfortably in my stomach.
1.49sOoh, am i feeling good,
2.2sNoi Get away from me! Get away from me!