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1.7sLook. This shit is delicious.
2.97sA movie about a guy eating shit.
1.97sA violent antique show.
1.4sf laughs ] it’s a pleasure to have you.
1.83sThe pleasure's all mine.
2.03sLetterman from a timeline where Jerry's famous.
1.59s- JERRY: Wait! - BETH: What in the hell?
1.56sRICK: I agree. Where is this going?
1.52sNo, the other thing! Go back.
1.43sRICK: Really? All right, fine.
2.47sGlen, this court order says you can 't eat shit anymore.
1.93sAll right, Jerry.
1.76sWhen you're right, you're right.
1.3sNow I'm hooked.