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5.53sWe know science has created men that have a trunk that allows them to have sex with both male and female partners.
2.26sBut we don't like the idea of these people getting married,
2.7sPut a line in the sand, everybody.
1.7sVote "no" on proposition X W2.
2.4sThe act that says trunkpeople can get married,
1.26sWho needs it?
1.43sNot on my watch.
3.83sPaid for by Michael Denny and The Denny Singers.
2.03sHi l’m a trunkperson, and i want --
2.7si feel love in my heart, too, fast like you.
3.53si wanna be able to express that love with both a man and a woman.
3.8sAnd i Won't be able to if Denny and The Denny Singers get their way.
5.1sHey, let the trunkpeople have sex and get married, huh F Paid for by trunkpeople.
2.09sOh, llove me strawberry sniggles.
5.37sOoh, i hope nobody ever gets my hands on me and tries to steal my strawberry smiggles.