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2.33sMORTY: Hey, Rick, that's pretty cool.
2.83sIt's just like Garfield, only instead it's Gazorpazorpfield.
2.66sHey, isn't Gazorpazorp where those sex robots came from?
1.97sRemember that whole thing?
1.93sYeah. Hey, that's a pretty -- pretty --
1.47sThat's true. That's right.
2.59sYeah. Let's watch some more Gazorpazorpfield.
1.93sHey, John. it’s me, Gazorpazorptield,
1.76sBoy fuck you, John,
2.7syou fuckin' dumb, stupid idiot.
2.94sCome on, Gazorpazorptield, Go easy on me, huh?
2.73sYou dumb, stupid, weak,
3.03spathetic, white, white,
2.26suh... guilt --
4.4swhite-guilt miiquetoast piece of human garbage.
1.3sGeez, Gazorpazorpfield, that's --
1.52syou know, you’re pretty mean to me,
1.16sbut that takes the cake.
1.59si don't give a fuck.
2.23sl’m Gazorpazorp-fuckin '-field, bitch.
2.26sNow give me my fucking enchiladas.
2.2sHey, Rick, you know, did they use Bill Murray for this?
1.52sSounds a lot like Bill Murray.
1.33sNo, Marty, it's Lorenzo Music.