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1.7sWhat's going on? Relax, Marty,
3.63sDon't -- don't worry about it, Let's just see where this goes.
2.06sStep on W We all got places to be!
2.33sf honks horn f Son of a bitch.
1.87sOh, that must be where he lives.
3.6sRICK: Huh. He's making himselfa sandwich now.
1.9sHey, everybody. So, this is my house.
2.26sJust made a sandwich -- peanut butter and Jelly.
1.83sStill here, still selling fake doors.
1.09sM O RTY: What?
1.97sOh, my god, It's still the commercial.
1.93sWe have fake doors like you wouldn’t believe.
2.26sWhat are you worried about? Come get fake doors.
2.26sCall as up and order some fake doors today.
1.8sDon’t even hesitate, don't even worry,
0.97sand don't even --
1.13sAll right, I'm bored. Change it,
1.76sWait, wait, Rick. Hold on, hold on.
1.13sThat's our slogan.
2.26sSee it on the bottom of the screen below our name.
2.03sHere's another slogan right below that one.
2.53sWhat are you worried about? Come get fake doors.
3.7sGet in here quick, get out quicker with an arm of fake doors in your arms.