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4.2sOur family just has interdimensional goggles to show us for a fact that we're not.
2.55sWell, I'm leaving.
0.04sYou can't leave. You're 17.
1.52sYeah, and I'm not pregnant.
2.9sI'm gonna have betterjudgment than you guys had at my age.
2.37sI'm gonna move to the southwest and...
3.13sI don't know, do something with turquoise.
3.9sit’s "Saturday Night Live, "
2.59sstarring a piece of toast,
2.3stwo guys with handlebar mustaches,
2.83sa man painted silver who makes robot noises,
1.73sGar Ma Nar Nar,
2.7sthree, um, um, um...
1.76si ll get back to that one,
3.8sa hole in the wall where the men can see it all,
4.23sand, returning for his 25th consecutive year,