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1.7sYou're my best friend, Jerry Smith.
1.4sI love doing cocaine with you.
2.99sWhoa, I love doing cocaine with you, too, Johnny Depp,
2.99sHaven't we spent enough time on you?
2.73sI'm performing surgery-,
1.93sbut not on a horse -- on a human.
1.52sJERRY: That's great, Beth.
2.2sYou always wanted to be a real surgeon.
1.9sI am a real surgeon.
1.63sUh... Summer's turn.
1.93sI don't see anything.
1.66sWell, you should select a different timeline.
1.93sI mean, if your father and I achieved our dreams,
1.47sthere's a chance you weren't even born.
2.4sThat came out wrong, That came out very wrong,
3.56sFine. I'll find a world where you bothered to have me.
2.06sWe're playing Yahtzee.
1.66sYahtzee's fun. We love Yahtzee.
1.59sIt's a fun game for fun families.
2.2sHey, could I get those goggles back for a second?
3.33sit’s a 45-horsepower with antiiock brakes,
3.06sand " the official car of "Mr, Sneezy 3D. "
2.76sit’s the brand-new Sneezy XL.