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7.33sNow, who wants to watch random, crazy TV shows from different dimensions, and -- and then who wants to narcissistically obsess about their alternate selves?
2.56sI want to obsess about myself.
5.84sHere, these scan your retinas and let you view parallel timelines through genetically matching versions of your eyes.
0.93sGo fetch.
0.02sThis is so cool.
1.85sLadies first.
1.16sI'm proud of you, Marty,
2.06sHey, man, I don't give a crap about myself, Rick.
1.83sLet's watch some crazy stuff, yo.
1.26sl’m Ants in My Eyes Johnson,
2.23shere at Ants in My Eyes Johnson’s electronics.
2.03si mean, there's so many ants in my eyes.
2.99sAnd there's so many TVs, microwaves, radios, lthink.
4.93slcan’t-- l’m not 100% sure what we have here in stock because i can 't see anything.
5.43sOur prices, lhope, aren 't too low Check out this refrigerator, only $200.
1.8sWhat about this microwave F Only , 100,
1.52sThat's fair.
2.43sl’m Ants in My E yes johnson, E verything's black.