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2.26sInfinite timelines, infinite possibilities,
1.87sincluding a timeline where Jerry's a movie star.
3.3sLook, you guys are getting excited about the wrong aspect of this device.
1.56sWha -- look at this.
2.59sAnd now, another quick mystery.
1.76s[just want to know who could have done this.
1.93sit’s a travesty, i did,
1.37sSee this knife and all the blood on it?
1.23sHere 's my fingerprints.
2.26sGuilty, lsentence you to life in prison.
1.52sHere's another quick mystery.
1.93s- My mother's dead, - And i killed her.
1.63sHere's the weapon, and cuff me.
1.23sThank you very much.
1.56sGuilty, Sentenced to murder.
2.16s- Here's another. - l’m the killer.
2.59sOh, wow, that one was really quick, wasn't it?
7.33sNow, who wants to watch random, crazy TV shows from different dimensions, and -- and then who wants to narcissistically obsess about their alternate selves?
2.56sI want to obsess about myself.
5.84sHere, these scan your retinas and let you view parallel timelines through genetically matching versions of your eyes.