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1.97sComing up next on ”Shmloo’s the Shmloss, "
1.52sShmlon y has a nightmare.
5sShmlantha! Shmlonai RICK: Amazing -- a dimension where all proper nouns begin with "Shmla."
2.43sShmla -- Shmlangela?
3.9sShmlonathan F All right, that actually got old pretty quick.
2.2sWill you please go back to me on "David Letterman"?
1.7sInfinity's a big number, Jerry.
1.43sI don't remember the channel.
1.49sSUMMER: Ah! Go back! Go back!
2.43s- RIC K: Geez. - You speak the true-true.
2.26sOh, my god, Dad's in "Cloud Atlas"!
2.7sI'm in "Cloud Atlas"! What's "Cloud Atlas"?
3.6sSometimes, small true-true different than the big true-true.
1.43sHow is this possible?
2.26sInfinite timelines, infinite possibilities,
1.87sincluding a timeline where Jerry's a movie star.
3.3sLook, you guys are getting excited about the wrong aspect of this device.
1.56sWha -- look at this.
2.59sAnd now, another quick mystery.
1.76s[just want to know who could have done this.