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3.46sHey, uh, y-you doing okay?
1.59sI kind of know how you feel, Summer.
1.8sNo, you don't. You're the little brother.
1.7sYou're not the cause of your parents misery.
2.7sYou're just a symptom of it,
0.8sCan I show you something?
1.14sMorty, no offense...
3.66sbut a drawing of me you made when you were eight isn't gonna make me feel like less of an accident.
2.73sThat out there? That's my grave.
2.56sWait, what?
0.11sOn one of our adventures..,
2.73sRick and I basically destroyed the whole world,
2.94sso we bailed on that reality, and we came to this one.
2.43sBecause in this one, the world wasn't destroyed.
2.13sAnd in this one, we were dead.
1.8sSo we came here and -- and we buried ourselves,
1.83sand we took their place.
5.97sAnd every morning, Summer, I eat breakfast 20 yards away from my own rotting corpse.
1.73sSo you're not my brother?
1.66sI'm better than your brother.
3.64sI'm a version of your brother you can trust when he says "don't run."
2.53sNobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere.
2.37sEverybody's gonna die.
3.7sCome watch TV,