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3.94sHelen, don't start with me in front of our guests.
2.9sDo you think I like hitting you?
2.7sI am sorry you had to see that.
2.64sLook, sir, I really need to confess something to you.
1.33sThat assignment I turned in...
1.7sYou know, Brian,
2.87sbefore you came along, I was so depressed,
2.64sI was planning to kill myself.
1.94sBut you have inspired me.
4.3sIf you can learn, maybe one day I can walk.
2.8sNow, what was it you wanted to say?
3.47sYou were supposed to get potato chips, you jackass.
4.54sDamn it, Helen. Get the hell off my back or so help me...
2.03sSo help me...
3.6sDon't worry. I hear they have great makeup sex.
2.2s- That feels so good. - Oh, yeah.