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1.27sWow. You went to Harvard, huh?
2.34sI'm an Ivy League man myself. I went to Brown.
3.44sMy incarcerated business partner's retarded gay niece went to Brown.
1.17sWhat year did you graduate?
2.3sWell, I mean, I didn't technically graduate.
2.74s(GASPING) You're a college dropout?
2.8sBrian, The New Yorker does not employ your kind.
1.77sYou, sir, are fired!
4.44s(DOOR SLAMMING) MAN: No dogs allowed.
2.57sOh, Brian, I can't believe they fired you.
2.5sHow come you never told us you dropped out of college?
2.67sI saw an after-school special about that.
2.87sIt didn't work out too well for Kristy McNichol.
1.7sBut then again, nothing did.
4.37sI was only one course shy of graduating and I just cracked under the pressure.
2.44sAnd now it just cost me the best job I ever had.