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2.37sWe'd love to talk to you about becoming a contributor.
1.47sWhy don't you come by tomorrow?
1.8sWow! Yeah. That'd be great.
1.7sAll right. 2:00. I'll see you then.
1.77sThey want me to contribute to The New Yorker.
3.6sThe New Yorker? You'll fit in there as well as I did at Woodstock.
5.67sExcuse me. It's been brought to my attention that a few bad apples out there are smoking marijuana.
3.2sI've got news for you, my friend. Marijuana's illegal.
1.84s(CROWD JEERING) Not cool. All right then.
9.38sEstablishment Establishment You always know what's best MAN: You suck! Learn the rules!
3.44sAnd this is our writers' lounge where you'll meet some of our contributors.
2.07sFielding Wellingtonsworth. Hello.
2.2sLivingston Winstofford. Yes.
2.07sAmelia Bedford Furthington Chesterhill.
1.2sGood day.
1.64sAnd James William Bottomtooth.
4.47s(MUMBLING) Everyone, this is Brian, our newest contributor.
1.4sHi, there. How's it going?