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1.8sWhat is it, Jo?
2.5sIs it a problem if your penis and your vagina touch each other?
1.77sWell, I try to keep them separated,
2.57sbut I woke up this morning and they were sort of together.
1.77sI just didn't know. Is that okay?
1.47sYou have both?
1.5sWell, yeah. Doesn't everybody?
2.14sBrian, what are you doing home?
1.37sI couldn't do it, Lois.
1.97sYou know, I thought I'd be able to finish this time.
3.2sBut I just don't have what it takes to be a college graduate.
3.77sBut you're so close. I mean, your final exam's tomorrow.
2.57sYou can't just give up. You could study tonight.
1.33sAnd I think if you really work at it...
2.34sLois, it's over. All right?
1.07sI'm not going.
2.3sWell, whatever you say.
2.67sHey, what's in this closet?
1.5sWhat are you doing?
1.47sWell, my, my!
2.27sMr. Hoover's come to visit.
1.97sI don't want to see Mr. Hoover.
2.8sI wonder if Mr. Hoover has anything to say about all this?
3.17sLois, this is not funny. I really don't want to see Mr...
2.8s(VACUUM WHIRRING) Stop! Stop it! Stop it!