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2.17sIn theory, it could work.
5.89sUh, in theory, perhaps but you'll never find a crew willing to take on a mission so suicidally dangerous.
1.47sAw, crap.
2.89sNow you'll only have one chance to destroy the ball.
1.57sAfter that
2.55sit will be so close to Earth that blowing it up
4.54swould cause garbage to rain over the entire planet killing billions.
1.42sAw, boo-hoo.
2.22sNow here's the bomb I've prepared.
3.42sOnce you activate it you'll have 25 minutes to get away.
1.25sThat's all? But--
1.27sNow, now.
3.67sThere'll be plenty of time to discuss your objections when and if you return.
0.97sOdor at magnitude eight.