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1.77sMom, my lips are too thin.
1.7sCan I please get collagen injections?
2.24sMeg, you don't need to change the way you look.
3.69sYou know, most of the world's problems stem from poor self-image.
2.99sExcellent! The mind- control device is nearing completion!
2.29sStewie, I said no toys at the table.
1.07sDamn you, vile woman!
3.57sYou've impeded my work since the day I escaped from your wretched womb.
1.57sOh, Don't pout, honey.
5.07syou know, When you were born the doctor said you were the happiest looking baby he'd ever seen.
2.13sBut, of course. That was my victory day.
4.7sThe fruition of my deeply-laid plans to escape from that cursed ovarian bastille!
1.55sReturn the device, woman!
1.35sNo toys, Stewie.
1sVery well, then.
2.17sMark my words, when you least expect it,
1.72syour uppance will come!
1.75sMom, can I turn the heat up?
1.45sDon't touch the thermostat, Meg.
1.52sYour father gets upset.
1.88sCome on. This thing goes up to 90.