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2.24sI shall call you "Eduardo."
1.47sPeter, how can we afford this?
2sYou won't believe it, Mom! Dad's getting--
1.2sA big raise!
1.87sPeter, that's wonderful!
0.8sBut, Dad, I thought--
5.9sThe kind of raise that'll allow me to give my kids a big allowance just for keeping their big mouths shut. Come on, guys.
3.5sI'll buy us the most expensive meal we've ever had.
3sYeah. I'd like 6,000 chicken fa-ji-tas, pleasE.
0.95sI beg your pardon?
2.13s6,000 chicken fa-ji-tas.
1.84sAnd a "So-sage" McBiscuit, please.
2.05sPeter, what's the big surprise?
2.82sYou know how I always said you should be treated like a queen?
1.94sI got you your own jester.
1.7sHEy, Good to be here in New England.
2.14sAnd what's the deal with "New" England anyway?
2.05sIt's over 200 years old!
2.44sLast time I checked, that's not that new.