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1.97sWhat the hell was thaT?
1.77sGuys, our money problems are over!
1.37sWe're officially on welfare.
2.54sCome on, help me scatter car parts on the front lawn.
1.08sUh, How much are we getting?
2.94sLet's see. $150 a week.
1.88sWait. That's a comma, not a decimal.
1.98sNo, I haven't seen Peter all afternoon.
2.49sI was giving a piano lesson.
2.32sStewie, why don't you play in the other room?
1.22sWhy don't you burn in hell?
3sWell, No dessert for you, young man.
2.44sWho would've thought getting drunk at A stag party
2.89swould get me $150,000 a week from the government?
1.38sThis is why I don't vote.
2.84sMaybe somebody down there was drinking, too.
4.79sMr. President, why do you think the public supports you during these impeachment proceedings?
1.35sProbably because you're so fat.
2.35sPeter, you might want to call the Welfare Commission.