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1.97sHow does a boy like that go so wrong?
1.9sThey live in a crummy neighborhood.
1.08sThe Bradys?
1.18sHell, Yeah. They got robbers, thugs,
1.52sdrug dealers. You name it.
1.6sYou folks want some pancakes?
0.93sNo, thank you.
2.95sSee, that's the worst we got is Jemima's WitnesseS.
3.17sIt seems today that all you see
3.55sis violence in movies and sex on T.V.
3.27sBut where are those good, old-fashioned values
3.17son which we used to rely?
3sLucky there's a family guy
3.37sLucky there's a man who'll positively tell you
1.8sall the things that make us
1.45slaugh 'n' cry
1.53sHe's a
3.02sfamily guy
1.77sMom, my lips are too thin.
1.7sCan I please get collagen injections?
2.24sMeg, you don't need to change the way you look.
3.69sYou know, most of the world's problems stem from poor self-image.