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3.4sHOMER: One of you ate tin cans. One of you ate health food.
2.99sHow you solved crimes, I'll never know.
2.98sMr. Mayor, you claim to be faithful to your wife.
3.49sBut I have obtained this exclusive videotape.
4.2s(NERVOUS GROAN) Come on, baby, read my sash.
2sYou're the "major"?
3.2sThat's "mayor," you fertile moron!
1.7sTwo things are certain.
1.63sThe mayor is in deep trouble.
2.87sAnd the local newsmen in this town are idiots.
1.83sChannel 6 News rocks!
3.05sA car chase every night or the weather girl wears a tube top!
2.87sAnd if she doesn't, you win a pizza!
2.87s(WISTFUL MURMUR) Chloe sure turned out successful.
1.47sYou're successful, too, Mom.
3.47sYou made a chore wheel that's both fair and wise.
6.54s(EXCLAIMS) (BOTH LAUGHING) Marge, I figured out a way we can get in on this Quimby lawsuit.