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2.08sAll right, men, get ready to blast off.
2.49sWhoo! We're in orbit now!
3.79sWhat's that? A call from the president? Hello?
5.02sUh, yes. Let me just say this about that.
2.6sOkay, Mr. President. Bart, this is boring.
2.13sThere's some dangerous crab grass growing here.
0.45sI guess we could go to Martin's party.
1.82sI don't know.
3.14sIf we're seen there, it'll definitely take our social standing down a notch.
2.77sWe're what now? Three? Three-and-a-half.
2.94sWe get beat up, but we get an explanation.
1.97sBeautiful colors. Never has--
2.2sMayday! Mayday!