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3.17sYou can see their bare circuits.
1.1sCome on, it'll be fun.
3.12sMaybe we could even drink a little fortified wine.
2.69sWhat?! Drinking wine is a sin--
1.98sEven if it is deliciously fortified.
2.25sHey, Bender, look at that woman's purse.
2.35sIt's hanging by a spaghetti strand.
2.67sThou shalt not snatch.
1.58sAnd there's Hookerbot 5000.
1.84sShe's got a heart of solid gold.
2.25sHey, sailing unit.
1.38sStop tempting me!
3.97sFor once in my life, I have inner peace.
1.12sThat's for losers.
2.28sCome on, sin your heart out.
0.75sGo nuts.
0.87sLive a little.
1.8sCould you hold my purse for a minute?
1.47sGo for it, Bender.