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1.93sUh... this.
2.17sWhere are we delivering it to?
1.72sUh... here.
2.27sAnother job well done.
4.45sNow back to the office for an enjoyable evening of fasting and repentance.
2.55sWhoa, whoa. Wait, Bender.
2.84sAs long as we're here why don't we take in some exotic dancing?
1.53sHey, great idea.
2.87sBut those girls don't wear cases.
3.17sYou can see their bare circuits.
1.1sCome on, it'll be fun.
3.12sMaybe we could even drink a little fortified wine.
2.69sWhat?! Drinking wine is a sin--
1.98sEven if it is deliciously fortified.
2.25sHey, Bender, look at that woman's purse.
2.35sIt's hanging by a spaghetti strand.
2.67sThou shalt not snatch.