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2.25sHey, Bender.
0.92sHey, Fender.
2.24sMan, I haven't seen you since high school.
2.34sYou still working at jack in the Box?
1.18sNot anymore, baby.
1.38sI'm with the band.
2.64sOh-oh, yeah.
3.99sHey, fellas I want you to meet my friends Bender, Fry, and Leela.
3.19sYou know, we're really not that interested in meeting them.
1.17sWow, I love you guys.
3.87sBack in the 20th century I had all five of your albums.
2.67sThat was a thousand years ago. Now we got seven.
1.67sCool. Can I borrow the new ones?
1.87sAnd a couple of blank tapes?
4.15sHey, Bender, why don't we ditch these organ sacks and hit the real party?
2.57sCount me in. I'm going to drink till I reboot.