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9.08sWe know all your sins, Bender and for each one, we've prepared an agonizing and ironic punishment. Gentlemen?
2.13sAw, crap-- singing.
1.95sMind if I smoke?
2.73sCigars are evil, you won't miss 'em
2.77sWe'll find ways to simulate that smell
1.53sWhat a sorry fella
2.27sRolled up and smoked like a panatela
2.77sHere on level one of robot hell
3.35sGambling's wrong and so is cheating
1.85sSo is forging phony I.O.U.s
9.31sLet's let Lady Luck decide What type of torture's justified I'm pit boss here on level two Ooh, deep-fried robot.
1.25sjust tell me why?
2.2sPlease read this 55-page warrant
1.62sThere must be robots worse than I
1.75sWe checked around, there really aren't
1.9sThen please let me explain