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3.49sForward, side, together. Back, side, together.
3.79sForward, side, together. Back, side, together.
1.57sThis is so sad.
1.85sYeah, he's crazy all right.
1.07sEDNA: All right, students.
2.24sWhat is the center of the circulatory system?
1.1sIt's the heart.
1.37sThe heart?
2.92sYou mean like Principal Skinner's, which you broke?
2.64sWhat do you care? You hate Principal Skinner.
2.08sMeh. Bro's before ho's.
2.07sNelson! I'll see you after class.
2.17sI'll be there. Will you?
7.26s(BELL RINGING) Mom, what are you doing here? Did our house burn down? That'd be cool.
4.1sNo. I'm here to have a little girl talk with Mrs. Krabappel.